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About Sochi

Sochi is one of the most beautiful resorts in Russia.Sochi is rather a big city to create a one-sided impression.A large range of hotels,numerous halls and other event venues,attraction sites and entertainment opportunities make the city a convenient arena for combining leisure and business goals.Sochi is one of the most beautiful resorts in Russia.Sochi is located at the foot of the Caucasus mountains on the Black sea coast.The territory of Sochi has a total area of 3502 km2 including30.000 hectares of arboretums,Botanical gardens and nature reserves.The climate in Sochi is Mediterranean, mild andtemperate, with average temperatures:In winter:+8 to+10 C.In summer up to+25to+30 C. Officially founded in 1898 on the territory won by Russia in the Caucasian War,Sochi from the very beginning served as a resort area.The discovery of the salubrious sulphuretted hydrogen springs throughout the territory of the town contributed greatly to its rapid development as the most popular health resort in Russia.By the beginning of the 20th century several hotel complexes as well as numerous private summerhouses of Russian nobility had been constructed in the town.Several of them have been preserved and considered to be the excellent examples of Russia’s Art Nouveau architecture.


Agura Waterfalls

Walking along the river Agura,you will admire the world of outstanding natural beauty:dizzying cliffs, exotic vegetation,breathtaking canyons,amazing waterfalls.From the bridge over Agura opens a magnificent view to the lowest Agura waterfall.It has two cascades:first the water enters into the narrow canyon,and from it-into a small lake.Walk a little further and see the upper falls-a powerful stream of water falling from a height of more than twenty meters.There you will be surprised by the Nature-restless inventor-by several picturesque Baths,and a cascade of eight thresholds of small waterfalls.In the shady Agura Gorge,located almost in the city,you will feel the gentle coolness, enjoying the sound of birds singing and waterfalls gurgling.


Akhun Mountain Observation Tower

Akhun Mountain has a beautiful tower on the top.It is located about 10 km far from the central Sochi. The height of the tower is more than 30 meters and the views than open from it are stunning.The observation platform on the top of the tower gives you a chance to take superb pictures of the city.


Stalin’s Dacha

You will also visit the historic house museum Stalin’s Dacha-the former Summer Residence of the Soviet Joseph Stalin.It’s one of the few real-life relics left in Sochi from the communist times.You will have a chance to see the favourite amenities of Stalin:the shallow indoor pool, the billiard table,the cinema, and much more.